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2022-07-23 07:49:00 By : Ms. Helen Lv

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The most modern thing about age-old teatime is the coveted convenience of today's electric kettle. It's fast, safe, and energy-efficient, adding peace of mind to every cup. Check out these stylish, top-rated electric kettles for your home.

Buying Guide for Electric Tea Kettles Our Top Picks for Electric Tea Kettles Final Thoughts

Power up your tea cup with an electric kettle! Gone are the days of waiting up to 12 minutes for the old whistle to sound. Now, you can enjoy the quiet glow of an illuminated electric kettle while you wait just a few minutes for a hot cup of tea or coffee. We did the research and found these popular, modern-day kettles to help elevate your teatime routine.

Why invest in an electric tea kettle?

Packed with more safety features and brewing benefits than traditional teapots, electric models are designed to heat tea and coffee to optimal temperatures to help ensure the best taste every time. Modern-day tea technology means safe construction, clean, piping-hot water in minutes, and automatic features that save you time, money, and worry. Plus, they’re super stylish and offered in colors and finishes that easily pair with your contemporary or classic style.

What should you know before buying an electric kettle?

Here are a few things to think about before buying your kettle:

How can you save money with an electric kettle?

If you’re using an electric stove to boil water, you’ll save more money with a new electric kettle—it heats water faster than a stove, which helps you save on your monthly bill. Did you know electric kettles are up to 80% more efficient than a traditional stovetop or microwave? For less than the amount of a single electricity bill, you can invest in a kettle that will keep your home safe, less expensive, and filled with the aroma of your favorite coffee or tea.

It brings water to a boil in seven minutes.

Pros: This sleek, cordless electric tea kettle from Mueller doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability. Made with premium borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and heat-resistant co-polyester, its quality construction ensures long-lasting use without melting or warping parts. It’s conveniently equipped with a bright LED light that shines as the water quickly heats—you’ll have a fresh cup of coffee or tea within seven minutes! For your safety, this smart kettle automatically shuts off once water is boiled and when it detects the pitcher is empty, so you don’t have to wonder whether you turned off your kettle. Rotate it 360 degrees on its spinning base, so you can check measurements at any angle.

Cons: Cleaning the inside (particularly the bottom) can be a tad tedious.

Bottom Line: A quality-made tea kettle at an excellent price. You’ll get most of the popular bells and whistles without paying top dollar.

This kettle is 50% more efficient than old-school kettles.

Pros: Measure and boil water in a flash with the Ovente illuminated, quick-heating electric kettle—it’s 50% more energy efficient than traditional stovetop methods! This portable, cordless coffee and tea kettle features a stainless steel concealed heating element that extends its overall life compared to non-concealed models that deteriorate quicker. For safety, and to keep your electricity bill down, its built-in intelligence automatically shuts down your kettle; simply fill, boil, sip, and walk away. Your new kettle also includes a convenient, removable filter for frequent, easy cleaning. Just choose your favorite out of five bright colors.

Cons: The kettle may emit a plastic smell the first couple of times you boil water, but it’s completely safe.

Bottom Line: Save time and energy with this uniquely designed kettle that boils one cup of tea in one minute. It’s a quality steal for the price.

Save up to five heat settings for coffee and teas.

Pros: Become your own barista with this sophisticated COSORI gooseneck kettle that boasts tons of modern features, including super-fast boiling within five minutes. This kettle is popular for its multiple memory temperature presets, conveniently pre-labeled with four different teas (and one coffee preset), including white, green, oolong, and black, allowing you to brew the perfect cup of tea every time. It’s cool, sleek, and features a fancy, flow-controlled gooseneck for easy pouring. It has all the smart bells and whistles needed to keep your home safe. Your kettle comes in deep black or contemporary stainless steel finishes to easily match your unique aesthetic.

Cons: Preset temperatures may not be low enough for certain teas, depending on your preference. Simply let the kettle cool down before pouring.

Bottom Line: For a mid-range price, you’re getting the full package with this stainless steel tea kettle. Who doesn’t love a good temperature preset or five?

The spout provides slow, controlled water flow.

Pros: If you love the charming aesthetic of a classic teapot but want to save time and electricity, this gooseneck kettle from DmofwHi could be the one for you! Finished in gorgeous copper, eclectic mint green, or practical white, this 100% stainless steel pitcher is a fast, five-minute heat-and-pour solution for any coffee or tea. It’s remarkably durable with important insulation features that keep your pot hot. Its built-in sensor activates the helpful auto-off safety feature. You’ll know when your boiling water is ready and when your kettle shuts down when the convenient red indicator light powers on and off.

Cons: This kettle doesn’t feature a clear window for measuring water.

Bottom Line: Boil water in style with this unique gooseneck kettle. You’ll go from cool water to hot java or tea by the time your eggs are ready!

The nifty 65-degree opening angle makes for fast cleaning.

Pros: Another excellent, full-featured option from COSORI, this modern kettle is an attractive hybrid of a coffee pot and teapot with its unique, wide-mouth spout that makes it easier than competing models to pour hot drinks and perform frequent and important cleanings. The contemporary pitcher’s clear, durable borosilicate glass construction (spotless and odor-free) means high quality and longevity for tea lovers—top that off with a 304 stainless steel, quick-heating base, and you’ve got a hot, soothing, safe-to-drink tea or coffee in less than seven minutes. Simply keep an eye out for the blue LED indicator light, and enjoy a hot spot of tea in your favorite spot at home.

Cons: There’s a safe, food-grade silicone ring around the base’s heat plate, so the kettle isn’t 100% glass and stainless steel.

Bottom Line: Enjoy cozy, illuminated mornings with a cup of your favorite hot beverage, knowing everything will be a breeze—from empty cup to kettle cleanup.

Already got a delicious tea in mind? Grab your trusty mug and wait for one of these top-rated electric kettles to arrive at your doorstep. With tons of time- and energy-saving features, in whichever aesthetic you choose, you’ll experience elevated morning, noon, or night routines.

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